Future of the Organ

Feature Breakdown of the Rosales Opus 40

  • English and Hawaiian nomenclature. There has never been an organ with ‘Olelo Hawai‘i terminology.

  • Native Hawaiian instruments and sounds.


  • Updated façade. The original Austin casework will be updated to a contemporary aesthetic highlighting both church architecture and carvings on the Queen Emma kneeler. 

  • New blower and winding system.


  • New computer system to control functions of the console, pipe chamber relay, and organist assist features such as multiple memory levels, thumb pistons, and toe pistons. Includes a MIDI interface and record and playback features. 

  • Best practices used to guard against degradation of parts due to proximity to salt air and to ensure a stable operating environment.

  • Organ will be generously scaled to fill the room with sound and to provide deep moving bass, thrilling brilliance and exquisite solo and soft sounds. Care and attention will be given to provide an instrument that will serve the needs of the parish and the Kaua‘i community for generations to come.

  • Console will be moveable to provide adjustable configurations for concerts and worship.

  • The original organ was four ranks of pipes. The new organ will be about 20 ranks of pipes when completed.

  • The new arrangement for the pipe chambers will allow easy access for maintenance and tuning. Thoughtful attention will be given to systems built for easy repair and rebuilding as needed.

 “The organ has contributed importantly to western cultural history, and boasts a functional repertoire that spans nearly eight centuries. Its unique and compelling voice enlivens thoughtful counterpoint, colors dramatic fantasies, adroitly accompanies vocalists and instruments, and proves itself in every way the honest recipient of its title, King of Instruments. How fitting that a church with ties to the Hawaiian Monarchy should enhance its musical program and community outreach in a way that projects the art of the pipe organ well into the 21st century!” 

Michael Barone, Executive Producer, Pipedreams

Michael Barone,

host and senior executive producer of Pipedreams, a radio broadcast on American Public Media, is recognized nationally for his outstanding contributions to the world of organ music.

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